What is your service?

We deliver an assortmant of fresh and vibrant fruit & veggie subscription boxes, directly to your door!

When do you deliver?

We currently deliver on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. All deliveries start at 4 am.

Orders need to be placed before 6 pm Wednesday to have your order that weekend. Any orders placed after will be the following weekend.

We operate a zero contact, drop and knock service. Your box will be left on your doorstep but don't worry will not walk away if we observe no response. If there is no response, we will leave in your designated safe place. Please ensure you specify your safe place* upon placing your order.

Do you have more information about subscription?

We offer a subscription service for those wanting a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh produce. Weekly subscriptions are debited weekly/Bi weekly and it’s really simple to set up with a no quibble and zero stress policy.  Going on holiday?.. You can pause your susbcription, no problem!

I'd like to pause or skip a delivery, what should I do?

We ask all customers to give 7 days notice prior to your delivery day to ensure we can prevent payments from being taken, alternatively, you have the option of managing your subscription by setting up an account via our website. By doing so, you can pause or skip deliveries at your leisure.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscription by setting up an account via our webite, if you are having any problems cancelling please email orders@communityfav.com

I have an allergy, can I exclude items?

Sure, we can exclude up to two items - but dont worry we will substitute this for a like-for-like product, already included in the box. Please make this known when placing your order.

I'd like to customise my box is this possible?

For the time being, we are unable to customise boxes.

What do I get in my box?

We change produce on a weekly basis to offer our customers variation. A new produce list will be posted on our website at 8pm every Thursday, Please note, there may be some swaps according to availability. Please ensure you wash all produce before consuming.

Do you reuse the boxes?

Yes! we are able to re use a single box up to a maximum of three times. Just have your box redy to hand over on your delivery day. Please do not give boxes back in a condition that you would not like to receive them in. Boxes that are not fit for purpose can not be reused and will not be accepted, ie. if serverly torn/dirty or seen as unuseable

Do you donate to charities?

Yes, we donate all surplus produce to local food banks. If you wish to donate a box, we can also arrange this too.


We will not be made liable for any damage or loss of produce when the box is in your safe space. We will take photographic evidence of the said box, in your safe space.